Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Retrospective Exhibition of Paintings and Photographs by Mustafa Yahya

54-year-old artist Mustafa Yahya was born in Hulu Langat, Selangor and has lived there all his life. His love for the lush flora and fauna found in his surroundings has never waned and he has photographed and painted these scenes for decades. Going full-time in the early nineties, he seeks to leave some kind of “record” for the sake of the future generations as they may not have the chance to experience untouched nature judging from the rate nature is being damaged in the name of progress and profit.
This retrospective exhibition of his paintings and photographs was held at SGM Culture Centre, Cheras from March 30 to April 6. It was declared open by Dr Mohd Najib Ahmad Dawa, the Director- General of National Art Gallery, and aimed to raise awareness to the viewers, particularly children, of how important it is to live close to nature and protect it from damage. Nearly a hundred of his works produced in the past thirty years were displayed, including a painting of the Kajang town in the eighties which has become some kind of historical documentation. Also included were scenes of the Congkak River, Pangsung Hill, Kajang Town in 1980, Tekala River and Gabai Waterfall.
He has set up the Hulu Langat Art Club under the Department of National Unity, and is still heading it. He held more than three solo exhibitions and participated in thirty joint exhibitions so far. At present, he teaches children from kindergartens, schools and also disabled children.

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